Have you tried this beautiful Dalgona Coffee? It’s also known as frothy coffee or foamy coffee. Easily made vegan, Dalgona Coffee uses instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water in a 1:1:1 ratio whipped up with electric beaters or hand. You might not believe your eyes when this dark brown liquid turns into a golden cream. Add ice and milk to your cup first and drop the whipped instant coffee mix on top. Stir it in before you drink it though – that coffee foam is too strong on it’s own.

VEGAN DALGONA COFFEE (blog post + printable recipe): https://mtk.fyi/DalgonaCoffeeRecipe

I was introduced to Dalgona Coffee (AKA Frothy Coffee) the YouTube algorithm sneaking it into my recommended. I watched this one video Nino’s Home (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYX1BcgWMqw) then immediately got off the couch and into my cupboards.  I only had instant espresso so I used a bit less coffee powder in the ratio. It still turned out beautifully. 

If you want to make the same as me in the video, use 4 spoons of decaf instant coffee powder, 4 spoons of sugar and 4 spoons of hot water.

If you only have instant espresso and not regular or decaf, use only 1/2 the amount. For example, in this video I would have used 2 spoons of instant espresso powder with 4 spoons of sugar and 4 spoons of hot water.

You don’t have to stick to these ratios strictly. I have heard of people using espresso with only a little sugar as well. Or using other powders like cocoa. Play with it and please let me know what you come up with!

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