Finally! An oil-free 100% whole wheat pizza crust that is delicious and perfect for a plant-based vegan pizza. We did it up on this one…the pizza, the sauce, and the toppings! Perfect for a family dinner night, friend gathering, or Friday night dinner, this plant-based pizza is definitely a winner. I like to make a bunch of the dough ahead of time and freeze it for when we get a hankering for a special treat. We topped this one with a BUNCH of veggies: onions, mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, and more. I even bought arugula, one of my all time favorite pizza ingredients and managed to completely forget to put it on top right after pulling it out of the oven. Check out the recipe below, and let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite pizza toppings are.

****Oil-Free Crust*****
1 cup warm water
2.5 teaspoons active yeast
2 – 2.5 cups whole wheat flour (start with 2 and add as you mix if too wet)
1 tablespoon flaxseed meal
1 tablespoon applesauce

****Quick Tomato Sauce****
1 can tomato sauce
1 tablespoon ground red pepper

1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
1 tablespoon minced garlic
½ tablespoon black pepper

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