Join my online French cooking classes: Learn how to make a vanilla slice the way it is done in French patisseries ( fine cake shops) with this easy to follow French baking video tutorial.

in this video you will learn how to use simple ingredients and transform them into a delicious French vanilla slice. The secret to make that vanilla slice stand out is to use a special filling called the creme Mousseline which is a pastry cream enriched with butter and whipped cream. once you try it you will never want to go back.



Baking sheet:

Offset baking spatula:

Silicon mat:

Balloon whisk:

Mixing Bowl:

⏬ Ingredients:

For the Pastry:
1 roll of premade or home made pure butter puff pastry.

For the French vanilla slice pastry cream (Yield 500 grams):
1 vanilla pod
30 grams of corn flour ( starch)
80 grams of sugar ( 40 grams for the milk + 40 grams for the eggs)
350 ml of whole milk ( full cream milk)
4 egg yolks ( best quality you can get)
35 grams of Butter.

For the whipped cream:
100 ml of heavy whiping cream ( pure cream)
10 grams of caster sugar ( white granulated sugar)

For the filling :
200 grams of fresh raspberries

Topping :
icing sugar

Cooking time:
puff pastry : bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees C / 396 F

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