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This has been my first year of being able to grow crops all year long in my garden. I took advantage of the weather when I planted kale last Fall, and I have been able to harvest leaves every morning all spring! Dr Miler and I really enjoy bringing in some kale at night to steam or sauté with our dinner. But my with so much kale I have been able to start my mornings harvesting a handful of kale for a quick breakfast smoothie. This had been my Sunday morning ritual throughout the winter when my kale was growing a bit slower in the cold. Now that the weather has been warming up, my kale has been producing enough that I can have a smoothie every morning and send off some leaves to our friends to enjoy! In todays video I go through my normal morning on the farm, harvesting kale, checking on my plants in the greenhouse & blending up a tasty smoothie.

The recipe that I used at the end of today’s video is my Sunday morning smoothie: https://bit.ly/2IljgH5

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