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5 oz pizza dough, Â_” thick 2 tbsp olive oil 6-8 cherry tomatoes, halved Â_ Yukon gold potato, sliced 1/8″ 4 broccoli florets Â_ c. caramelized onions Preheat stone & oven to 500F. Brush dough w. olive oil; season with S&P. Lay potatoes flat on crust until surface is covered. Dot w. cherry tomatoes & caramelized onions. Holding a sharp knife away from you, shave the top of the broccoli florets onto the pizza. Slide pizza onto stone. Bake 7-8 minutes or until crust is crispy. Makes 1 10″ pizza.

So, if you don’t eat cheese, or just don’t dig it, pizza can still be just as enjoyable. It’s all about kind of playing with your mouth and kind of confusing it, thinking something is a little creamier than maybe it is, and kind of adding a little added texture to your pizza.

So, I’m going to make kind of a potato, tomato, broccoli pizza, with a little caramelized onion. Really beautiful. To start out, I’m always going to start with a little extra virgin olive oil, right on my pizza crust, alright? It’s just going to help make the whole thing a little more crispy, get a little bit more earthiness. I love it. All the way to the edges. Awesome.

Alright. Big pinch of kosher salts. Awesome. And then, I’m going to take some tomatoes and, when you have a bunch of tomatoes to cut up, and you don’t really want to spend, you know, all afternoon going one one, grab a big plate like this, and just stack it right on top, and just grab your knife, and just kind of horizontally go through. And what took a long time before is now 10 seconds. So all these are going to kind of get scattered throughout. OK? A little bit of potato.

Now you want the potato cut really, really, really thin, OK? This is how it’s going to cook in the oven. And I’m using potato to kind of emulate creaminess of a cheese. Think about it. A Yukon gold potato, there’s a lot of starch in there, so it really, really, when it cooks through, it kind of becomes nice and golden. So I’m just going to peek these tomatoes kind of through. That looks great.

And then, this is kind of just a fun thing to do. Grab your broccoli in your hand, and just, right over the top, like little broccoli couscous, you can kind of just shave right over. These are kind of just the essence of broccoli. Save the stems for a soup or something, but for your rustic little no-cheese pizza, it’s actually pretty cool to just use the little fronds of that.

And then, some caramelized onions, again, adding kind of that creaminess to it. You’re not going to miss it at all. That looks great.

So a little bit of olive oil. Beautiful. And this is going to go in our oven, which is about 500 degrees, for about seven to eight minutes, until the whole thing is crispy. It kind of comes together and those potatoes kind of turn creamy and cook through.

Do I smell cheese in the air? Absolutely not, and I don’t care at all, because I can smell all the other veg, the blistered tomatoes. Look at this. You’ll be so proud. You can see the paper just kind of burns away. Right? You can kind of just lose that bit. Awesome. And then just like any pizza I’ve ever served, I just add a little bit of olive oil, right on the outside, a touch of smoke salt around the edges, and usually I go with a little cheese, but this one doesn’t need it. Enjoy your cheeseless pizza.

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