How to make vegan croissants using vegan aquafaba butter. I take on the challenge of using a simple homemade vegan butter consisting of coconut oil as the base and aquafaba as the emulsifying agent since palm oil and (soy) lecithin are contained in the top vegan butter brands. I used a higher ratio of coconut oil for a “hard” vegan butter. Coconut oil can be temperamental and as you can see (clumps) not as malleable for laminating the dough or creating the vegan butter block. This is my first attempt in both making vegan butter and croissants and thus I’m still working on improving the recipe. There are many factors in play here, but the main variables I’m considering working with are: ratio of coconut oil/soy milk, adding flour to butter block, also using apple cider vinegar, and most importantly amount of aquafaba (emulsification) & temperature control. Nevertheless, these vegan croissants came out better than expected and really tasty. Hope you enjoy it!

Here are the ingredients used (I suggest you experiment with the choices/amounts):

Vegan aquafaba butter:
240g refined coconut oil
55g unsweetened plain soy milk
25g canola oil
4 tbsp aquafaba
1/2 tsp coconut vinegar

250g bread flour
125g warm water
50g vegan aquafaba butter
25g cane sugar
6g salt
2 tsp active dry yeast

Butter block:
125g vegan aquafaba butter

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