Who among us can honestly say we don’t enjoy a good Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte? Be honest with yourself you probably wish you had one in your hand right now.

Avoid the holiday lines this year and make your own Starbucks Peppermint Latte right at home. Be forewarned however, this does involve the brutal murder of multiple candy canes. Providing that is not an issue for you this recipe is perfect. Place your candy cane into a sturdy Ziploc style bag and using a meat mallet or other crushing device pulverize it. Once pulverized dump them out onto a small plate. Next select a good sized mug for your latte and wet the rim of it. Dip the wet rim of your mug right into the pulverized candy canes causing them to stick to the edge. Once your rim is coated go ahead and pour some of the leftover pulverized candy canes into the bottom of the mug.

For sweetness Candice has chosen to go with coconut sugar. Any of you who have been tuning to the channel for a while will notice that this is one of her “go to” sweeteners and appears in many of her recipes. Simply add your coconut sugar to the mug. You will follow this up with cocoa, and of course coffee. Your choice of coffee, and the way you brew it, will make all the difference in the world to this recipe. It’s best to use whole bean coffee that you have to grind yourself as it stays fresher. Also using a French Press can result in some very strong coffee indeed if you don’t have access to an espresso machine. Seriously though, how many of you actually have an espresso machine in your house? Regardless of your choice of coffee pour it into the mug as seen in the video and mix it all together thoroughly.

Next you will add hot vegan milk, just a bit at first stirring as you go. Keep adding your hot vegan milk until the mug is mostly full. Voila, your Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte is complete. For bonus points, and to keep things nice and festive, garnish it with a candy cane hung over the side. While not mentioned in the video if you want to get really festive you can always top this with whip cream.

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